Is a Griddle Pan the same as a Grill Pan?

When we remember the tasty food we eat at the eateries and restaurants, we become happy and want the same in our houses. Those grilled foods most of the time want to return to the places we used to get them. But can we still have the same nice food in our home if we want.

When we make up our minds to get a good pan for cooking grilled food indoors, we may face the problem of choosing between a griddle pan and grill pan. Most people argue that they are different but some say they are the same. Which of them should you believe? 

Is a griddle pan the same as a grill pan? The short answer from me is Yes and No. You might wonder why I have two opposite answers for a question. Now let us see why a grill pan is the same as a griddle pan and also why it might not be.

Before we go further, the most widely known and fast recognized differences between the grill pan and griddle pan is the surface. The grill pan has a ridged surface while the griddle has a flat surface. Let us look closely at both pans.

Griddle pan – What makes it different

Griddle pan is a widely used pan in most kitchens for preparing nice and toasty fish, meat and other foods. Griddle pans have a flat surface which is the most noticeable difference between them and the grill pan.

Griddle pans are recommended for you if you are not familiar with the tricks involved in cooking with the grill pan. Though they might be seen to be less attractive to the grill, they still provide nice meals. There might not be a special thing about the griddle pan but it still produces good tasting food more than the traditional griddle pan.

The difference between the grill pan which many people go for grilled food is the texture and not the taste since both have almost the same taste. 

Some advantages that the griddle pan has over the grill pan is the ease of cleaning and being non-stick if properly greased. Also when it comes to the quantity of food that can be prepared, griddle pans are bigger and better.

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Grill Pan – what is used for

Grill pan looks like a normal frying pan or skillet but it has distinctly raised ridges on the surface. It is designed to mimic the traditional wire grill that is used for most of our outdoor parties and activities. The grill pan is used for making grilled meat, fish, vegetables and other snacks.

One of the reasons why many people go for the grilled cheese or meat is because of the texture. This texture is made possible by the wire like structure of the grilling device. To enable us to have the same nice food, produced outdoors using the traditional wire grill, the pan is produced.

These indoor grill pans come in different shapes and materials but give us good texture and taste. The use of a grill pan is the right choice for your kitchen because it is potable. It can be stored in your kitchen shave since it is not heavy and small. Also the grill pan is versatile. It can be used on fire, coal, gas or electric cooktops and stovetop. 

If you are not familiar with the Stovetop grill pan, you can also buy the electric grill pan which makes grilling easier and faster. Though it has its own disadvantages, for a single person who doesn’t grill often, it is the best choice of grill.

Is a grill and griddle pan oven safe

Since the griddle and grill pans go over the oven or fire, it is important to know if it is oven safe or not. This is important so as not to have any health effect on it’s users and to know how best to manage and maintain them.

Is a grill pan oven safe? Is a griddle pan oven safe? The short answer is yes! Both pans are safe to be used in the oven up to a certain temperature. This is also dependent on the materials used in the manufacturing of the pans.

To understand why I said that the grill pan is oven safe, you need to understand it’s composition, that is the materials used to produce it. But before you know about the materials if you wish, note that it is very safe to be used in the oven, especially if the temperature is not going to be exceeding 500f. In that case you will know that the griddle pan is oven safe.

What material is a grill pan made of?

One of the things that determine the durability and oven property of grill and griddle pan is the materials used in it’s production. Since it is a cookware that requires high temperature, it’s only reasonable to use heat resistant material for the pans.

There are various materials used in the making of grill and griddle pans, most of them are cast iron, hard-anodized or cast aluminum, enameled cast iron, and ceramic.

Cast iron (enameled) and cast aluminum are good in heat retention and distribution and thus is our best choice of oven safe grill and griddle pans. Let us see some of their properties

  • Cast Iron: this is a strong metal that is highly durable and good in heat retention and distribution properties. It can withstand High temperatures and as such is good for a grill pan and it is oven safe. One of the disadvantages of cast iron grill pan is that it is difficult to clean and sticks, so it requires regular seasoning to avoid scratching. To remedy this situation, you have the Enameled Cast Iron which is easy to clean with its enamel nonstick coating on it and less seasoning
  • Hard-Anodized Aluminum or cast aluminum Heats up easily and evenly, light weight with a non-stick coating. This makes it easy to clean and can withstand high temperature. We recommend this for your kitchen
  • Ceramic grill pan has a non-stick property and heats up quickly. It can retain heat for long periods but it is not good at high temperatures.

Can I use a grill pan in the oven? From what we have seen above, it is possible to use a grill pan in the oven. To do this you need to know which material it is made of. To know the materials of our grill pans, you can check the manufacturer manual or it’s label.


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