Is a convection microwave oven the same as Convection oven?

Lovers of baked food will always find the best oven that will suit their taste. In recent years, there has been a new invention in kitchen appliances that will suit everyone’s taste.

Microwave oven, which is also known as the microwave, has been with us for a long time and it has been serving its purpose. Almost every home in the last decade will boast of having one.

Today, there has been an improvement on our countertop appliance that makes work easier for us. Now we have the convection oven and also the convection microwave oven. 

Many people wonder if the convection microwave oven is the same as the convection oven. To help us understand the ‘difference’ if any, we need to remind ourselves what a convection oven and microwave oven is and their working principles. When we understand this, it will help us to know if the convection microwave oven is the same as the convection oven.

To get more in this article, it will be best for you to read to the last word, because every word is important to help you make a good choice for your kitchen.

What is a microwave oven?

Microwave Oven or microwave is a kitchen appliance that is used in the heating, preheating and cooking of some recipes. The microwave uses radiation to cook food. When set to a particular time and temperature, the microwave produces some radiation which gets in contact with the water molecules of the food causing vibration, these vibrating molecules produce heat which Cooks the food.

Unlike other cooking appliances that use heat generated from its elements powered by gas, charcoal or electricity, microwaves use only electricity to produce Waves.

So if you have a microwave, what you do with it is only microwaving, you don’t bake with it. A microwaved food will not have that same crispy taste of the food baked with an oven or Air Fryer.

Today, there is a combination that can help you do the cooking and baking with a single appliance. Am sure you will like to add that to your kitchen, but before we talk about that, let us see what a convection oven is and why it is different from a microwave.

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What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is an oven with two heating elements, one at the top and the other at the lower part with an added fan at the rear. The fan helps in circulating the heated air in the oven and this increases the rate at which the food in the rack gets heated evenly and cooks fast. 

The fan and exhaust in the convection oven makes it different from the conventional Oven. Some convection ovens have a third heating element who’s is also an added advantage to the oven.

We can say that the Convection oven is better than the microwave with the added fan and it’s benefits.

Convection oven bakes, roasts and also cooks other foods and gives it the crispy taste which ordinary microwaves cannot do.

What are the advantages of Convection oven?

Convection ovens have some advantages over the microwave and conventional ovens. There include

  • Even baking and heat distribution: with the fan at the back of the Convection oven, the generated heat is evenly distributed around the oven causing equal heating and this even baking of all the food in the rank
  • Less rotating: with the Convection oven, you don’t need to rotate the food while cooking since the heating is equal.
  • Improved browning, crisping and roasting
  • Faster baking and roasting: The equal heating achieved in Convection ovens makes the baking and roasting fast
  • Quick preheating: preheating is achieved fast in this oven 
  • With a convection oven, you can cook different recipes at a Time
  • You can bake multiple times in the oven and still get the same result

Disadvantages of Convection ovens

Some of the disadvantages of Convection ovens are that you can not Cook some foods with it. Example

  • Custards and flans
  • Souffles
  • Cakes
  • Quick Breads
  • Breads

What is a conventional Oven?

A convection oven

A conventional Oven is an oven with two heating elements placed at the top and lower part of the oven which can be powered by gas or electricity. The difference between the convection oven and the conventional Oven is the fan placed on the Convection oven.

Convection ovens have some advantages over the conventional Oven in terms of;

  • Equal heating
  • Time of cooking
  • Number of foods cooked
  • Number of recipes

Is the convection oven better than the conventional Oven?

Both the convection oven and the conventional Oven has its benefits. Yes  Convection ovens can replace the conventional Oven if;

You need fast cooking: with the convection oven, your food will be cooked fast due to the help of the fan and exhaust system.

You need even heating: With the help of the fan, heat generated from the elements will be evenly distributed around the oven causing equal heating.

You need energy management: cooking using the convection oven is cooked fast when compared to that of the conventional Oven so saves energy.

You need crispy foods: when you want to prepare a food that you need to be crispy, the Convection oven is your best choice.

Also not in all cases is the convection oven better than the conventional Oven. If you need to prepare a food that you don’t need the back to be Cooked before the inside or before the food raises, then you need the conventional Oven.

Food like bread Custards and flans Souffles, Cakes are best prepared with the conventional Oven.

Is a convection oven a microwave?

No, a convection oven is not a microwave because it uses heat generated from elements fired with gas or electricity but the microwave produces heat from the vibration of water molecules in the food when radiation generated by the oven passes through them.

Is a convection oven the same as an air fryer?

No, a convection oven is not the same as an air fryer. An air fryer uses the hot air generated by it to heat the food in the system and this is done faster than the convection oven. Cooking in an air fryer is faster than the oven with little or no oil. You can read more about Air Fryers.

Is Convection oven worth it?

Yes, a convection oven is worth the investment. With a convection oven, you can prepare many recipes of your choice and get the right taste. Cooking with it is also easy and fast.

Is Convection oven fan forced?

Yes, a convection oven is fan forced. With the built-in fan, it carries the hot air in the oven to all parts of the racks and as such produces even heating of the food and causes fine crispy foods.

What is Convection microwave oven?

A convection microwave oven is an appliance that can perform the function of bother the convection oven and that of the microwave. This means that you can use the convection microwave oven to microwave your food and also use it to bake crispy foods.

Though this is a multi functional kitchen aid with many advantages like saving space, energy and time, it also has some disadvantages like heavy, costly and can’t fit on the countertop because of size.

Is the convection microwave oven the same as the oven?

Though the convection microwave oven can perform all the functions of the convection oven, it is not the same as a convection oven. It has other functions like microwaving which conventional or convection ovens don’t have.

Can Convection microwave oven replace the microwave?

Yes, the Convection microwave oven can replace the microwave and also the convection oven if you need both functions. But if you only need the microwave function or only the convection oven function, it can’t replace any of them.


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