Is Ceramic Cookware safe for cooking

Preparing good and quality food requires that you use the right ingredients and appliances. When it comes to cooking, we must be ready to use Cookwares that are safe and good for health.

When we want to buy some cooking utensils and appliances, we hear a lot of things concerning the product. When it comes to ceramic Cookwares, many questions arise.

Is Ceramic cookware good for cooking? Is Ceramic cookware safe for cooking? Is Ceramic cookware non-toxic? These and many more questions about ceramic Cookwares are important and are answered in this article. Read carefully as you increase your knowledge on buying ceramic Cookwares.

Is Ceramic cookware Safe for cooking?

Ceramic cookware is safe for cooking both in health and physical aspects. When we talk of Ceramic Cookwares, it is not 100% ceramic material. Ceramic coated pots and pans have an iron, copper or aluminium base but are coated with ceramic. This ceramic coating gives it a fine and beautiful surface.

What are the benefits of Ceramic Cookwares

There are several benefits of ceramic cookware that makes it a people’s choice. This advantages of ceramic coated Cookwares have made it not only safe for cooking but also received general acceptance.

  • Non-stick: One of the benefits of Ceramic Cookwares is that it is non-stick. Non-stick means that you can fry eggs or other foods with little or no oil or butter. The Sol gel surface on ceramic Cookwares makes this possible
  • Non-reactive: In contrast to cast iron and iron skillet pots and pans which can react to some certain foods when heated, ceramic Cookwares is safe for cooking since their surfaces are inert. They do not react to food substances when being used. This means you can safely Cook any acidic food with it without leaching into the food.
  • Less weight: Cookwares are used to prepare our dishes which sometimes are heavy and as such it does not need to add more weight to it. With low weight ceramic cookware, you can prepare your meals easily without feeling pain after cooking.
  • Heat transfer: With aluminium based, coated ceramic Cookwares can be able to transfer heat evenly to all parts of the pot or pan, as such reduce the amount of heat supplied to it.
  • Easy to clean: This people’s choice cookware is very easy to clean since it is non-stick. Food prepared on it will be washed out easily when compared with cast iron or stainless wares

Is Ceramic Cookware healthy?

Ceramic Cookwares are good and healthy. Unlike other Cookwares which can pose health challenges to its users by reacting with the food being prepared, ceramic Cookwares are safe and healthy.

  • Since ceramic coated Cookwares have no chemical additives, they do not react to it’s contents. This makes it safe for your health since there will not be leaching in the pot.
  • Also since ceramic Cookwares are non-stick, you will not need to add more oil or butter to your food which is highly recommended by physicians.

Is Ceramic Cookwares Non-toxic?

Non-toxic means that the pot or pan does not contain harmful elements. Since ceramic Cookwares are inert, there can not leach into the food you are cooking. This is made possible because there are no chemical additives like heavy metals used in the coating or polymers. So ceramic Cookwares are Non-toxic.

Is Ceramic Cookwares dishwasher safe?

Ceramic Cookwares generally are not dishwasher safe because of its rough surface which by the process of washing my dishwasher will cause wear and tear, and as such reduce the durability.

Also with new technology and advanced study, new ceramic Cookwares are dishwasher safe because of an increase in the preparation process.

Is Ceramic cookware oven safe?

Ceramic Cookwares are oven safe, unlike the well-known Teflon Cookwares which can not withstand heating above 500°f . Most of our cooking, especially when baking our favorite dishes, requires that the temperature goes above that temperature. With ceramic cookware which is oven safe, you can make your dishes easily.

Though when heated to a much higher temperature, ceramic might start to crack, so it’s better to use other Cookwares like cast iron or stainless steel when temperature is required.

Ceramic Cookwares are not just only safe in the oven, they are also refrigeration safe. You can pack your remaining foods in a ceramic plate and put in a refrigerator.

Is Ceramic Cookware safe for Birds?

One of the many reasons why people choose ceramic Cookwares over others like Teflon Cookwares and PTFE coated Cookwares is because it is very safe for both humans and animals, birds in particular.

Ceramic Cookwares are bird safe and a healthy choice since it is easier to clean when it is compared to other Cookwares.

It’s also important to note that it is not only ceramic coated Cookware that is safe for Bird, others like stainless steel and cast iron are also safe for feeding birds.

Is Ceramic cookware Affordable?

Ceramic Cookwares is very affordable when compared to other Cookwares like cast iron or stainless steel. A set Stainless steel cookware will go as high as $300 to $400 but that of ceramic Cookwares will be acquired with price well below that.

What are the disadvantages of Ceramic Cookwares?

Though there are may advantages and benefit of ceramic Cookwares, they are also few disadvantages.

  • Not scratch proof: It is a fact that ceramic coated Cookwares are Non-toxic and non-stick but their surfaces can easily chip or scratch, this makes it not durable when compared to other Cookwares like cast iron or stainless steel.
  • Heavy: Especially the previously produced Cookwares which is coated with several layers of ceramic, it is heavy to carry and as such require enough energy from the user.
  • Durability: This is one of the cons of ceramic Cookwares that makes few people draw away from buying them. When compared to others, it has low durability.
  • High time of heating: The time it takes for cooking pots coated with ceramic to heat to the boiling point of it’s contents is always Higher than others and as such takes time. But when attend to this temperature, it stays there for longer periods than others which is also and advantage.


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