what can i use instead of a meat tenderizer mallet?

A meat tenderizer mallet is an essential tool for every home cook. It’s used to tenderize meats such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, etc.

what can I use in place of a meat mallet?

When organizing your ingredients, don’t forget to include instruments that will make preparing and cooking the dish easier. A meat mallet is an indispensable tool for making even the most inexpensive cuts of meat luscious and soft.

If you don’t have a meat mallet, you can use a rolling pin, hammer, knife, marinade, slow cooking, or salt in a recipe that calls for one.

What exactly is a Meat Mallet?

A meat mallet is used for pounding or tenderizing meat. It resembles a hammer with a rectangular end that can be smooth or pointed based on the style and design you select. Meat mallets, in addition to being used as a meat tenderizer, are also used to smash garlic, fresh ginger, nutcrackers, and ice crushers.

But if you’re looking for a replacement for a meat tenderizer mallet, there are other options out there. Here are some alternatives to consider.

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Meat Mallet Alternatives you can use 

A rolling pin is a common kitchen item that is used to distribute dough in various baking techniques.

The cylindrical wooden utensil is ideal for tenderizing meat slices. You can use it to prepare your meat for cooking in the same manner that you would a meat mallet.

Wrap the meat in wax paper before pounding it with a rolling pin to avoid cross-contamination.

A hammer

If you don’t have a meat mallet, grab a hammer from your toolbox. Tenderizing meat is accomplished by breaking down the connective tissues.
This occurs when the following stages are completed with a hammer:

  • Place the meat on a cutting board.
  • Wrap it in the protective paper; the greaseproof paper would suffice.
  • Evenly pound the surface

A Knife

Tenderizing meat is also defined as the process of breaking down meat fibers with a tool. As a result, a knife is another option that can be used instead of a meat mallet. The procedure entails making long, thin slices through the fibers of the meat.

This is known as scoring,’ and it necessitates shallow incisions at regular intervals throughout the flesh to break down the stubborn proteins.

The ease with which the meat can be chewed can also be determined by proper slicing after it has been cooked. To shorten the lengthy fibers in the meat, slice it across the grain.


Certain fruits include enzymes that can accelerate the breakdown of meat fibers. Fruits that are acidic in nature include pineapples, kiwis, and papayas. The method is to purée the fruit of your choosing, then add the meat, oil, and lemon, and set aside for several hours before cooking.

Buttermilk and yogurt are also used in marinades because they contain enzymes that break down proteins. This alternative to a meat mallet increases the flavor of the meat while also tenderizing it.

Cooking on the Low Heat

This is a way of cooking that results in tender, delicious meat slices. When cooked at low heat for an extended period of time, the collagen gradually breaks down, releasing flavor and resulting in beautifully tender meat. Slow cookers and Dutch ovens are ideal for cooking.


To tenderize meat, most chefs use sea salt or kosher salt. A substantial amount of salt is liberally sprinkled into the meat about an hour before it is cooked.

When salt is given to meat, it draws out moisture, which aids in the breakdown of proteins and softening of the meat. Make sure to properly wash the meat before cooking it.

Tortilla Maker

This tool is not the unitasker you thought it was. It will also aid in the flattening of meat, however, it works better with smaller slices.

Chopping board

Flatten the meat with a cutting board. Stick to a small board to gain better control over the pounding.


A mortar can be used to flatten meat as well as pulverize spices and crushing herbs into pestos and pastes.

Water Bottle 

Bring out your Nalgene or S’well bottle since it may be used for more than just sipping water throughout the day. It can easily be used in place of a mallet. Fill it with water to increase its hammering strength.

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